Proposition 8 - Flawed Arguments

There aren’t any new arguments here. I just want to gather, in one place, all of the arguments in support of Prop 8 that I have an issue with.

We are defending the ‘traditional’ institution of marriage

No, you’re not defending marriage, because no one was threatening it. In order to defend something, someone needs to be threatening it. Nothing about your life has changed by the supreme courts decision to allow me to marry someone I love.

Prop 8 restores the “traditional” definition of marriage.

No, it doesn’t. An argument about what might be considered the “traditional” definition of marriage could fill pages. But let’s not forget why marriage was originally created: to subjugate women and treat them as property. Keep that in mind when you want to change your last name to your husband’s.

Same-sex couples already have equal rights through civil unions

No, the rights are not the same. While civil unions were a nice step in the right direction, they do not need to be recognized across state boundaries, and still receive no federal recognition.

Allowing same-sex couples to marry will undermine the sanctity of marriage.

Really? Are we still going on with that argument? What about divorce, rampant infidelity, Las Vegas weddings, and celebrity spotlight weddings?

Churches should have the right to follow whatever beliefs they choose. The government should support that.

Correct. So why is marriage a state issue at all? Completely remove all references to “marriage” from any state constitution, and your problem is solved. What about religions and churches that DO support same-sex couples? Why are they treated differently from the more “traditional” religions? What happened to the religious freedom you’re arguing for?